Coriander Cows was established by Donna in 2011 to help organisations deliver change throughout their sustainability journey.

From organisational change through to individual behaviour change, we believe you can’t deliver change without a knowledge of the practical elements of sustainability; the psychology of change and a creative approach. We provide sustainability, change and creative expertise to give organisations the holistic approach needed to consider change and the people who will drive it, through every stage of the sustainability journey.

Donna has been designing sustainability strategy and campaigns for nearly two decades, including a previous role heading up the design of new programmes for leading sustainability behaviour change consultancy Global Action Plan.The Coriander Cows collective, brings together other freelancers and small agencies who have expertise in change, sustainability, design, events and more, enabling us to create the team an organisation needs on a project by project basis.

“I’ve worked in sustainability for 20 years and have seen great strides in making it a mainstream discussion topic, yet change is still too slow.Lack of true engagement - not the web hits on an article level engagement - but the type of engagement where peoples hearts and minds are focused on what needs to happen, and finding ways to make it a reality, is lacking almost everywhere I look.Organisations are setting out ambitious targets but not meeting them, and daily behaviours do not align with the Facebook ‘values’ we see people exhorting.

This disconnect between value and action is real, and a major problem.I created Coriander Cows to tackle that gap. Too often organisations develop their sustainability strategy first, and then consider how to bring about change afterwards.Change and the people who will deliver it, should be a central thought when developing a sustainability strategy, and plans for delivering against it.

People are a companies greatest asset, and they are more often than not wasting them when it comes to their role in driving sustainability.  We need to connect people with sustainability on an emotional and intellectual level, and to do that you must understand people and psychology. It’s not rocket science, but it it is social science, and I wanted to bring it to the sustainability party. “

Sustainability is complex. We understand sustainability.

With working knowledge of sustainability across a range of sectors from retail to property, we have worked on carbon, water, resource use and socio-economic projects. We know the legal and political landscape. We can work across the breadth of communications needed for sustainability, from GRI compliant sustainability reporting and responses to the TCFD, through to employee engagement and community campaigns.

People drive change. We know people.

Backgrounds in education, psychology and counselling, along with environmental sciences, and decades of experience shaping and delivering sustainability projects and plans for the private, public and regulated sectors, means that we understand people are central to the success of any change plans. We know when, how and what to communicate, and we know how to get people leading the way.

We know you have budget restrictions. We provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

We are not your standard agency. We have a network of associates and partners, who we bring together for different projects.Senior level expertise, no retainers, no head count, no core costs to pass on.

As well as bespoke support, we also have a series of workshops that provide you with valuable input at the most crucial parts of your sustainability journey.All the energy, ideas and new ways of thinking that come with external support, but in a way that allows more organisations to access this.

If you are wondering about our company name, please do visit our Chewing the Cud blog for more on this and other thoughts on sustainability and the psychology of change.